Published On: September 9, 2022

How To Plan A Birthday Party That Your Kid Will Love And Which Won’t Break The Bank

Do one of your kids have a birthday coming up […]

Do one of your kids have a birthday coming up soon? Maybe you’re already dreading planning the party and tearing your hair out at some of your kid’s outrageous party ideas. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees and unicorns are hard to come by. Plus, organizing a kids party can feel pretty stressful and overwhelming without a solid plan in place…what is the perfect theme? What food should you serve? What activities will the kids enjoy? And the list goes on. If you’re looking for things to do in Orlando for birthday parties that don’t cost a pretty penny (or your sanity), that your kid will talk about for years to come, we’ve got a couple of handy tips to keep the budget down without sacrificing any of the fun.

12 Inexpensive birthday party ideas

Get the timing right

The sweet spot for a kids party is between 2pm and 5pm, when guests won’t expect a full meal and a couple of light nibbles will do. You won’t feel under pressure to put out a huge spread and cut the costs of forking out on fancy foods that most of the time go uneaten. Kids are notorious grazers!

Keep snacks simple

Following on from the above, you don’t need to go overboard in the food department. The kids are not at the party for a Michelin star spread, they’re there to socialize and have fun. Kids aren’t as fussy as you’d think so throw out some simple crowd-pleasers like pizzas, crisps, candy and soda, and you’ve got a winning formula.

Do a DIY cake

A big birthday cake can also be an unnecessary expense as so much often goes to waste. You’ll find kids take a few bites of their slice and the rest goes in the trash. Eliminate the waste and save your pennies by ordering the exact number of cupcakes instead. Some kids will probably skip the cupcakes altogether so you don’t have to order extra.

If you’re a decent baker, you can save a lot of money by making your own cake or cupcakes. Even if you’re not Martha Stewart in the kitchen, look up a YouTube tutorial for a simple guide on turning store-bought cakes and cupcakes into impressive masterpieces in minutes.

Shop around for the best kids party venue

When selecting a kids party venue, it’s important to choose a venue that includes some fun activities for the kids to do, otherwise all the pressure is on you to provide the entertainment. There’s always the stress of the entertainment not going down well or not pitching up on the day… you know, like that magician who did a real disappearing act by not showing up for the party after taking your booking fee. Choosing a reputable party venue, like a water park or adventure park takes all that pressure off of you while the venue takes care of bringing the fun.

Consider a combined party

If your kids best friend has a birthday around the same time as them, consider pooling resources and throwing a combined birthday party. Both parents end up halving the cost of the party, so you can splash out a little more on activities.

Keep the guest list small

You do not need to feel under pressure to invite the entire grade, class or soccer team to your kids birthday party. Instead, allow your child to pick their closest friends to join them in the big birthday celebrations. The optimal (translation: manageable), magic number is generally 10 kids. Keep in mind that it’s likely a few of the parents will stick around so you’ll need to factor that into your snacks and drinks budget. If you invite 20 kids, and 10 parents stay on for the party, you’re suddenly catering for 30…you do the math.

Go digital

Go digital for your invitations! Not only is going paperless better for the environment, it saves you a bunch of money. Kids don’t need over the top party invitations, in fact they probably don’t care about the invites at all! So mosey on over to Etsy or Zazzle to pick up some budget-friendly digital party invitations, often for under $5.

Make use of free printable decorations

So often, parents end up spending a fortune on pricey party decorations that you toss in the trash as soon as the party is over. Instead, look for some free printable party decorations on Pinterest. For example, type “free water park birthday party printable decor” into the search bar on Pinterest and you’ll find a number of cute decor that’ll cost you nothing!

Or…pick a theme that doesn’t require decorations

On the flip side, you could pick a theme that doesn’t require any decorations at all. A theme park birthday party, water park birthday party or adventure park birthday party all do not really require you to do any decorating at all, so you end up saving hundreds of dollars. In fact, choosing an outdoor birthday party in Orlando is a great choice because of the pleasant weather enjoyed for much of the year.

But DO pick a theme your kid will enjoy

On that note, it’s important to pick a theme your kid will actually enjoy. If they are allergic to the outdoors, they’re not going to enjoy an amusement park birthday party (aka tweens), but thrill-seekers on the other hand would be tickled at the idea of an adventure park birthday party. There are plenty of fun birthday ideas in Orlando, so look into a couple of options before making a decision.

Give the loot bags a miss

There’s no need to keep up with the Joneses and hand out iPads to the kids at the end of the party. Providing an afternoon of fun and snacks is seriously enough of a gift! Party favors can be pretentious and a total waste of money, nobody really needs a personalized $30 pen with your daughter’s party date and picture on it. You could incorporate a fun craft activity as part of the entertainment for a take-home memento instead. Some fun ideas include decorating a picture frame, making friendship bracelets or decorating cookies.

Book your adventure birthday party at Nona Adventure Park

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