Published On: September 9, 2022

How to Take The Family To Orlando Without Breaking Your Budget

Orlando Florida is the ultimate family getaway and a place […]

Orlando Florida is the ultimate family getaway and a place with endless fun and ample options for adventure and entertainment. However, making a week-long stay in Orlando can be expensive, and many families are looking to make their trip unforgettable, without breaking the bank. In this blog, we’ll give you the best things to do in Orlando, and the tips and tricks to making your vacation affordable, without sacrificing the fun.

Off-Season Visits

Perhaps the simplest way to save on your family trip to Orlando is by planning to go in the off-season. The off-season starts right after Christmas and ends just before spring break. The cheapest time to book is between September through November with the exclusion of Columbus Day, Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving as these are weekends most families generally have off from school and work. During these times, accommodations will be less expensive because the hotels have more available rooms that need to be booked, and theme park tickets will be discounted due to it being their “low season”. Many families fear bad weather, but in truth, Orlando stays warm and sunny all year round, and the off-season still ends up being in the high 60s or low 70s. Plus, vacationing during these times helps avoid sunburns, overheating, and overcrowded parks which can ruin a family trip fast!

Plan Ahead

Theme parks and excursions in Orlando will be more expensive the closer you get to the date of your planned trip. Particularly for theme parks like Disney or Universal, purchase tickets as far in advance as possible to save money. Parks offer discounts for multi-day tickets that are less expensive than the prices you’ll find at the gates. Although there are options like Park Hopper, which lets you visit multiple parks in a single day, for families this often means longer days which doesn’t always agree with young kids.

Spend Time Searching For Savings

This goes along with planning ahead, but many activities in Orlando will offer discounts and savings to those with certain affiliations. Members of certain credit unions, military families, first responders, Florida teachers, and even PTA members can get discounts at parks and the savings can quickly add up. Attractions and restaurants also offer incentives and/or discounts for birthdays, so be sure to mention that when you book a reservation.

Off-Site Accommodations

A great way to save is by staying off-sight. Your inclination may be to stay in the Disney hotel, the prices will shock you and in the end, it often isn’t worth the money. If you want to stay at a hotel look for accommodations on International Drive, as it’s the most budget-friendly and puts you in the center of the parks and other incredible activities for kids. If you’re planning a trip with multiple families, consider forgoing the pricey resort fees altogether by renting a home through Airbnb or HomeAway- our pro-tip is to rent a place with a pool!

Bring Snacks With You

Food at theme parks can be expensive and families often break their budget buying all their meals there. Instead of paying $50 per day per adult and $35 per child just for food, bring sandwiches and snacks and just get a special treat at the park. If you want to stay at a resort, choose one that provides a complimentary continental breakfast with your stay. That way, you can bring a low-cost lunch and snacks and still go out for a nice dinner. If you’re staying at an Airbnb, families should consider ordering a meal delivery service like Home Chef, which will give you delicious meals to make and generally comes with a discounted or free week. Budgeting means deciding which aspects of your trip are most important, and for kids, park entertainment and adventure activities are always going to mean more than fancy $12 grilled cheese.

Spread Out Activities

Kids often don’t want to walk the parks for five days straight, so make the most of the hotel or rental accommodations. Make one day a pool day and one day a universal park, one day Disney, and one day playing at an indoor play area. Many hotels will offer guests shuttle services to malls in the area, there you can look around, buy discounted merchandise (buying in the parks can be pricey), and play in their indoor play area. Many families choose to break up their theme park days and spread out their vacation in Orlando by visiting smaller attractions.

Find The Fun

Orlando has so much fun to offer families, and you can save while still having an amazing trip. The Nona Adventure Park is a hybrid water-adventure park, featuring rock climbing, obstacle courses, a cable park, and a massive tower for climbing that’s over 60 feet high. They also offer fun in the sun on their huge inflatable aqua park floating on top of Adventure Lake or Lake Nona. This Union Aqua Park has relaxation opportunities for parents who just want to lay on the beach, and a massive 1000 feet filled water park with daredevil obstacles for kids and families. Experience their two Mt. Rainiers, Whirlpool, Ninja Jump, and Tire Run, while enjoying delicious food.

Make the trip to Orlando completely unforgettable while still being budget-friendly by following these tips! The memories a family shares while on vacation will last a lifetime, and those who choose to make Orlando the destination for their next trip are sure to be impressed. The most important aspect of staying within a reasonable budget is planning, and with so much to do and see, and incredible theme parks, entertainment, and activities like Nona Adventure Park, the opportunities are endless.

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